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Who we are at The Loveseat Connection

People these days spend much of their time at home in the living room or in basements, watching TV, relaxing, reading a book, or chatting with family and guests. And where do these activities take place? The sofa and loveseat you choose are not just a stylish addition to your room, but a symbol of quality time spent together, which is why we at the Loveseat Connection believe so strongly that this living room furniture is so important. To that end, we created this website to help you discover the perfect set of furniture for relaxing for your home and family. We know there are hundreds of options available to you, and whether you choose to purchase your furniture from a sofa store in your neighborhood, or—like so many families do these days—find affordable sofa and loveseat sets with free delivery online, we want to provide you withreviews, advice, and specs so that when you do decide on what sofa to purchase, you know you are making an informed, researched decision. We’re here for you at The Loveseat Connection.

The Best Living Room Furniture for Your Family

Some of our favorite family room furniture sets are ones that combine both practical and aesthetic qualities. We think that the best sets are ones that are not only stylish, but comfortable. You don’t want a combo that’s too big for the space, unwieldy to move around, or—of course—ugly. We all have our own style and personality when decorating our homes, and the furniture you choose ultimately needs to fit within the room’s décor and atmosphere. Some people choose to decorate their room first, and then choose their furniture later, while others pick out their favorite pieces first, and then develop the room around their choice. At The Loveseat Connection, whichever way you choose to decorate, we’ll help you find the right combo for your room.

Probably the more popular way to go about picking out a couch and loveseat is to match your furniture to your already decorated room. You might already have a color scheme set up, and an idea of what style or tone your room will be. For instance, if you’re picking out a sofa for an entertainment room, this set is going to differ in obvious and major ways from a couch and loveseat combination that you’re choosing for your living room. There are several factors to consider when beginning your search…

  • How many people do you have in your family?
  • Will your furniture be utilized by guests or mainly by family members?
  • Is this a casual space or more formal space?
  • What is the square footage of the room?
  • How many entrances / exits are there?
  • What other furniture will be in the room?

Knowing the answers to these simple questions can start you on your quest to find the right option for your room. If you are a newlywed couple, perhaps a 2-psc loveseat and smaller sofa would work best for your apartment or starter home. But if you’re a family of five with, say, teenage kids, you might consider a three-piece sectional or larger couch and sofa set, perhaps with a recliner capacity, or even an ottoman or footrest addition. If your furniture will be frequented by guests, you might consider a more stylish combination than if it will be slept on and lounged upon by your children or even pets. A basement couch is much different in style and material than a sofa that resides in your hearth room. There are incredibly large sofa and love seat combinations, such as movie pit sofas and multi-piece sectional couches that can take up half a room in space, so if you’re living room or home is small, or you live in an apartment where space is at a premium, you might want to consider a smaller two-seater couch, or even some combination of only loveseats.

While there are many options, the good news is that whatever situation you find yourself in, someone before you has most likely been searching for a similar solution. Room layouts, even the most creative ones, often follow some basic tenants of utilizing empty space and flow for traffic and movement in the room. Thus, some furniture store or online sofa manufacturer has probably designed furniture to match what you’re looking for—all you have to do is choose which one you like the best!

What to Look for When Shopping for Furniture Online

When you’re looking to buy online, there are a couple factors to consider. Check with the seller for free shipping, free assembly, online financing options, and make sure that there is some guarantee for your purchase. While you might think that you’ll get a hugely discounted deal on your couch or loveseat online, you also want to make sure you’re not sacrificing quality for price. And remember shipping, because furniture is heavy and unwieldy, and so if you aren’t going to get free shipping, that cost needs to be calculated into your overall budget for what you want to purchase.

Some other factors to consider when shopping online – you won’t be able to pre-test out your furniture, so either you should find the set you like online and then go test it out in a brick and mortar store, or you should look into a seller’s return policy or 30-day return or test time. Some online furniture providers even allow you to test out their couches and loveseats for a trial period, and if you don’t like it, they will pick it up for a free refund.

Remember, some sofas and loveseats cost upwards of a couple thousand dollars, so when you’re making a purchase that large, you want to make sure you understand all the costs going into the purchase, so that you don’t feel like you’ve gotten a rotten deal further down the line. Plus, you want to make sure that you’re happy, and that they match the other furniture in your home, that they are comfortable, and that they are of high-quality so that you get years of use and love out of them.

Couch Suggestions and Styles

Let’s talk types of couches and loveseat styles. Some of the most popular materials for couch and loveseat sets are: leather sofas, cotton couches, linen loveseats, wool sectionals, and silk sofa covers. Let’s look at each briefly.

Leather Couch

Leather is one of the most popular sofa materials because it is durable, easy to clean, and it develops character over time. Smells don’t stick to it as much, and a worn in leather couch can feel soft, and the couch becomes more comfortable over time. It can be easy to clean and thus a perfect choice for pet owners and young children. One disadvantage of leather is that it can be punctured by claws or sharp objects, and—in humid or hot weather—it can retain moisture and feel sticky. However, most people find that leather is an affordable, practical option for many areas of their home.

Cotton Sofa

Textured cotton is often a popular choice for sofas in basements or areas where you want to avoid the potential squeakiness of leather. However, cotton couches and cotton loveseats are not as stain-resistant or durable as other material counterparts, such as synthetics. Depending on the tightness of the weave, cotton can be easily damaged or prone to fraying. However, a tight weave can be a strong fabric and sofa choice, thus textured cotton—with its inherently tighter construction—can be a cheap sofa option for your home. Caution: dirt and grime can get trapped in fabric grooves, but cotton does not stick like leather, and can be a more casual look for game rooms, man caves, and play rooms.

Room suggestions for cotton sofas: The den, the family room, the basement, the game room

Linen Loveseats

Linen is similar to cotton, but lighter. Thus, linen can be less durable of a fabric for sofas and loveseats, but it is also often nicer looking and cool to the touch. Linen loveseats can be a beautiful addition to a home without pets or young children, or used in more formal areas, such as the piano room, the hearth room, or the living room.

Room suggestions for linen loveseats: The hearth room, a waiting room, a reception area

Wool Couch

Wool sometimes gets a bad rap, but it’s not as scratchy as you might think. In fact, wool is more durable than cotton or linen, and yet just as beautiful. However, because it tends to be more expensive as a couch fabric, wool couches and wool loveseats are not as common in the average household. But if you’re looking to decorate the waiting room of an office, or placing a sofa or loveseat in a highly visible area, a wool couch might be an option you consider.

Room suggestions for wool couches: a front entryway, a piano room, a sitting room or reading room

Silk Covering

Silk is one of the least common fabrics for living room furniture, as it is one of the most difficult fabrics to keep clean and not ruin. There are some cheaper, more durable synthetic blends like sateen now, but one cannot deny that a silk covering on your couch or loveseat can feel smooth and sleek. Silk couches and silk loveseats are elegant to gaze upon, and feel great on the skin, but might not be a good practical choice for your sofa or loveseat set unless you are using the couch and loveseat more for display purposes, and less for practical sitting.

Room suggestions for silk coverings and couches: a bedroom, a reception area, a party room

The Advantages of Picking the Perfect Couch

There are many advantages to finding the perfect sofa for your family, so let’s look at a few now. One is the obvious practical uses. If you have a room in your house that people will use frequently, there should be somewhere to sit and rest. If you don’t have a main furniture piece for your room, there’s isn’t a practical setting for many normal household activities, such as reading, watching TV, reading, napping, or entertaining guests. While you might have a dining room table and chairs, or even stools and a bar, if you don’t have a couch, you don’t have a place for several people to gather together and relax.

These furniture pieces also can take up space in an otherwise large or empty room. A sofa or loveseat can become a centerpiece of a room, where the eye is drawn and people naturally gravitate towards. Even if you’re placing your sofa n a room that is more formal and less utilized than, say, a living room, this family furniture makes the room more accommodating, warm, and home-like.

Why Customers Love the Loveseat Connection

Here at the Loveseat Connection, we want to connect you with the couch and loveseat set that you might not have even realized you wanted or needed. As you can perhaps already tell, there are many options out there for your home. There are sectional couches, reclining couches, L-shaped loveseat and couch sets, ottoman options, and more. There are hundreds of brands and many different online couch retailers and neighborhood stores where you can buy cheap sofas or high-quality couches, and there’s a lot of information out there on all of it. We want to offer you a comprehensive, unbiased and trustworthy place where you can come to get information, peruse popular brand-name options, compare pricing, amenities, and quality—and ultimately choose the perfect couch and loveseat set for you and your home. We are here to answer any questions you may have, and hope that you find this website, our advice, and our articles helpful, informative, and easy to understand. We wish you luck on your search and hope that you soon make the perfect loveseat connection!