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Leather Couch And Loveseat Sets

Leather Couch and Loveseat Sets


What’s not to love about a leather couch or oversized leather loveseat? We love leather as a sofa upholstery material because it’s durable, easily cleaned, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Why wouldn’t you want to purchase a couch that ages like a fine wine over time. Leather softens and builds character as you use it, which is why these couches and loveseats have never gone out of style.


Yet before you rush out to purchase your first (or next) leather couch, you should consider all the aspects – the good and the potential bad – of purchasing a leather sofa set. This includes price, versatility, and cleaning care.


The New Leather Sofa


Perhaps you’ve seen an old, overstuffed leather sofa at a garage sale, or tucked in the corner of a friend’s garage, and wondered whether bell bottoms were in style the year it was made. Or you have seen that ubiquitous faded black leather sofa in the shared space of a group of twenty-something men. Before you pass judgment, remember: It’s not bad that a couch is old – in fact, the durability of leather sofas is one of the key reasons people love them so much. A sofa and loveseat set can be an expensive purchase, so why plan on needing to replace yours in only a couple years? With a leather sofa, you can keep your couch around for a decade or more, and it would only become softer and comfier.


You can find contemporary styles, more relaxed options, and a range of prices on leather goods, so you want to fully understand your choices before you make your decision.


The Potential Downside of a Leather Couch


Some cons that are brought up when people discuss leather as an option for their sofa or loveseat often begin with the feel of the material. True, on hot summer days, or if your couch is directly placed in sunlight, leather can become hot, chapped, or sticky on legs (especially those wearing shorts). In the winter, leather can be cold to the touch as well. Then there’s the discussion of pet claws. In homes with cats – kittens especially – there are some that say leather is especially prone to tears and holes from sharp claws or teeth – some even say animal fur sticks more to leather than other fabrics. And then there’s the difference between low-cost leather and high-quality – which definitely makes a difference in durability, ease of cleaning, and more.


However, let’s examine each of these critiques in more detail:


Leather can become hot on hot summer days – while this is true, you can avoid this by placing your couch away from a direct line to the sunlight, or – as most homes often have – utilize your central air or fans to help cool down not only your furniture, but the entire space.


In the winter, the couch can become cold – one of our favorite couch accessories is a nice throw blanket, which not only acts as a stylish way to liven up your couch style and room atmosphere, but it can also serve as a practical way to cuddle up and keep warm on those colder days.


Pets can ruin leather – This is actually a hotly debated topic, as there are some pet owners who swear that leather is actually more durable and better for homes with animals, because unlike fabrics or cloth, it doesn’t show dirt or fur as easily, and it’s much easier to clean. While small claws might puncture holes in the fabric, there are dog owners who say that the larger claws of their canine friends don’t puncture the upholstery at all, and the leather holds up better than other covers. This is also a concern for parents, as children can often cause wear and tear to family furniture – but leather, again, can be much easier to clean and resistant to spills – rather than, say, white linen or cotton.


Leather is too expensive – While there can be a big difference between quality and durability among leather goods; in general, the good news is that the leather industry has come down in price over the years, and now leather is more affordable than it has been before. Plus, there are new and great faux leather options too, that provide the same quality, durability, and look as leather, but without some of the downsides.


The Upside of Choosing Leather


There are many positives to going with leather, including that it’s easier to clean than many fabrics, and doesn’t show dirt or smudges as easily. Unlike some fabric cover options like linens or cotton, leather becomes softer and more defined as it ages, thus making it a better investment over time, as it usually lasts about four times as long as fabric. Leather is also overall less maintenance than fabric, as you only have to use a special moisturizer to clean it, whereas fabric covers sometimes require a deep cleaning, or even complete removal from the couch and a trip to a professional cleaner. Plus, top-grade leather cushions also wear nicely, are easy to clean, and add crisp lines to contemporary pieces.


A high-quality leather couch or loveseat can be a perfect addition to your study or library, or even the main room of your house. This versatile furniture piece can be a great compromise for families who want the following:


  • A stylish furniture piece that ties a room together well
  • A sofa and loveseat set big and comfortable enough to entertain guests and friends of the family
  • A relaxing and comfortable place you can nap, watch TV, read, or just lounge about
  • A long-lasting family heirloom

Couch Care and How to Clean Leather


A couch made of leather is great for spills and easy clean up if your kids happen to make a mess, or your pet drools on the armrest during a nap. Top-grain leather doesn’t scratch easily, and all you need to do is wipe down the hide to clean it, and then every so often moisturize it to keep it soft and shiny. Unlike fabric, which often needs to be completely removed from the furniture to be cleaned well, leather care is quick and simple. We suggest neutral or dark colors for the easiest care, as these colors don’t show dirt or debris as easily as brighter colors – and they also match more décor and room styles as well.


There are many reasons to purchase a leather couch or loveseat set, so when you get ready to make your purchase, consider all these factors and you’ll be on your way to owning the perfect furniture piece for your home. Remember to take your time to research all your options, compare pricing online, and read reviews like the ones we provide at The Loveseat Connection so that you’re armed with knowledge as you head into your shopping experience.


Our Favorite Leather Couch and Loveseat Sets