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Couch & Loveseats Under 500

Great Deals on Couches and Loveseats Under $500


You might ask yourself why buy a sofa and loveseat set under $500 at all, but if you’re on a budget and looking for a beautiful, high-quality sofa and loveseat set that doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet, then you’re in luck—because there are many options available. There’s no shame in searching for and purchasing a living room furniture set that is both practical and inexpensive, especially when you can find one that is also beautiful and matches your room décor.


Cheap Sofa and Loveseats Designed for Cost-Effective Living


When you’re searching for sofas online, it’s important to consider the quality of the furniture you’re looking to purchase, and one of the factors to consider is the company that manufactures the sofa and loveseat. At The Loveseat Connection, we provide sofas and loveseats from some of the furniture industry’s biggest names, and most trusted brands—so you can rest assured that when you’re looking for a sofa under $500, you’re still getting quality, at a low price. You don’t have to have a huge budget to purchase a sofa and loveseat set that will last a long time and be a staple in your family’s home. If you’re searching for a home furniture solution for cheap, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality or look, a sofa and loveseat set under $500 can provide you with cost-effective living options, while still impressing any guests you may have over.


One reason that you might consider buying a cheap couch and loveseat set is because you’re looking for a furniture piece for a high traffic room. If you’re looking to furnish your den, TV room, or even your man cave, you don’t necessarily need a top-of-the-line couch that costs thousands of dollars. What you do want is comfort, durability, ease of cleaning, and—well you don’t want it to be hideous.


One of the pluses of purchasing a couch and loveseat set online is that you are offered many options, so that you don’t have to settle for something just because you’re tired of shopping, it’s late, or you just don’t want to go to another store. Nowadays, most sellers offer free or discounted shipping too, so that you don’t even have to worry about transporting your couch or loveseat from wherever you purchase it to your home. This can be incredibly helpful if you live in an apartment that has many floors or a small elevator. Or if you live alone and don’t want to deal with the hassle of wrangling a friend to help you carry a couch up the stairs.


Popular Couch Covers for Affordable Sofa Sets


Leather, as you know, is not only a more expensive sofa material to buy, but it also can get sticky in the summer, stain easily, and soak in smells such as animal drool or spilled food. So you might not find a lot of sofa and loveseat sets under $500 with leather covers; however faux leather is a popular choice, and a sturdy material less prone to the negatives that come along with its more expensive cousin. Tight-woven fabric is another popular choice for sofa and loveseat sets under $500, because this material is not only cheaper to manufacture, it also holds up well under rough and tumble play, and daily living.


And the best thing about a couch and loveseat under $500 is that it’s cheap enough that you don’t have to worry about it being the main furniture piece in your room. Many families or couples looking to purchase a couch under $500 do so because they have small children or pets, and it’s not worth buying a nice, expensive sofa when there’s a high chance it will get drawn on, scratched up, or spilled upon.


This is why another positive of affordable couches is the removable couch covers, and machine washable couch covers. Not only can you often remove the covers from the couch cushions and throw them in the wash, you can even rearrange the entire sectional shape, just in case you need to set up the room for playtime, or you are hosting guests and need more space to stand or walk. Often, the loveseat can be set up on either side of the 3-seater sectional, which adds just a bit more flexibility into your life and the room layout.


The best rooms to house your affordable couch and loveseat set


Whether you are watching TV, reading a book, or entertaining guests, a sofa or couch can provide a spot to relax, de-stress from the day, and bond with people you love. Couches and loveseats can also transform a room, taking large and empty spaces and making them more comfortable and “lived in,” or taking a dreary space and livening it up. One of our favorite aspects of certain sectional sofas are the color choices you can pick of the accent pillows. When you have a sofa or loveseat set under $500 that presents complementary colors, your couch can feel like a million bucks, and brighten up each day.


While you could spend thousands of dollars on a sofa and loveseat furniture set that has Italian leather cushions or some overly expensive wooden frame, in the end, a sofa is meant to be lived on, and you don’t want to be one of those people who tiptoes around their furniture, or covers the couch with plastic whenever guests come over. Especially if you have children or pets (shedding pets too), you want to be able to enjoy your sofa and not worry about normal, or even moderate, wear and tear.


The best rooms in the house to place your affordable couch and loveseat include: the den, the family room, the basement, the computer room, a teenager’s bedroom, the “man cave,” the guest bedroom, and the TV room.


When you’re buying a sofa for under $500, you want to make sure that you’re not going to be overly frustrated or lost when it comes to assembling the pieces, and one of the benefits of many cheaper sofas is that they often come with easy-to-understand instructions and an assembly that even one person can do, in a reasonable amount of time.


Final thoughts on finding inexpensive furniture choices


If you’re looking for an affordable and beautiful sofa and loveseat set under $500 that will last you for years, won’t cost an arm and a leg, is easy to clean, and is a beautiful and unique addition to any room in your house, then the options that you’ll find at The Loveseat Connection are perfect for you. You can choose your colors from a wide variety of available coloring, plus several styles and brands. Be ready to enjoy stretching your legs out on a sofa that didn’t burn a hole in your wallet, and that you’ll be able to utilize and love to look at for years to come.


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